DF-Cryptography 1.5 IA Plugin
The DF-Cryptography plug-in makes possible to add sophisticated encryption functions with your InstallAware® setup projects.

Through an easy and intuitive user interface, it's possible to manage all cryptography functions in a single dialog.

Easily add to your InstallAware® scripts cryptographic functions as:

Encryption, Decryption, RSA key pair Generation, RSA File sign -verification, Hashing using various Hash algorithm, Random data generation and Secure data assignment.
Price €. 49.99 Only (net price escluding Vat)
Add to your InstallAware® script logic cryptographic functions as:

- Encryption (NEW in version 1.5 - Now allows to use Secure data with password)
- Decryption (NEW in version 1.5 - Now allows to use Secure data with password)
- RSA key pair Generation
- RSA File sign and verification
- Hashing using various Hash algorithms
- Random data generation (NEW in version 1.5 - Now includes Secure data capability)
- Secure data assignment (NEW in version 1.5). The plug-in uses strong low level cryptographic algorithms, this gives you the opportunity to use the most updated techniques with protecting data.

A unique protection feature is integrated with the Plug-in. This makes possible to protect the generated InstallAware® setup package at runtime execution.

The runtime protection works as a shield against external attempts to track or monitor the setup process. This shield becomes active each time an DF-Cryptography plug-in function is executed from your InstallAware script.

These advanced protection key features include:
- Anti-debugger techniques that detect/fool any kind of debugger
- Anti-memory dumpers techniques
- Specialized protection threads
- Anti-disassembler techniques for any static and interactive disassembler
- Advanced Entry point protection

What's new in DF-Cryptography 1.5 plug-in for InstallAware®.

- New Secure data feature.
This new feature permits to assign a litteral value or a random generated value, in a secure protected area.
This technique is particularly useful when using sensible data as passwords, or with any other value that should be kept protected.
To make harder any possible attempt to decipher the effective data value used with the script, each script value assigned as "Secure Data", it's stored within the internal setup database as Encoded Data.
This process uses a unique Custom Key to generate a masked encoded "copy" of the effective value data and most important, the custom key is never exposed in the generated setup database.
The new Secure data feature is supported with the plug-in's functions; Encrypt, Decrypt and Random.

- Unicode support
The plug-in supports UNICODE with InstallAware 16.x and later.
Previous ANSI versions of InstallAware are also supported.
Just select the appropriate plug-in version to install (UNICODE or ANSI), depending on your InstallAware version.

The software comes with a comprehensive context-sensitive help. Just press F1!

DFCryptography-plugin is supported by the Digital Farm® on all editions of Windows 10 (Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise).

"DFCryptography-plugin" is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and the Long-Term Servicing branches.

Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows XP SP 3 or higher, Windows 10 is recommended

The plugin supports the most recent InstallAware versions, including;
InstallAware 24.x (X7)
InstallAware 23.x (X6)
InstallAware 22.x (X5)
InstallAware 21.x (X4)
InstallAware 20.x (X3)
InstallAware 19.x (X2)
InstallAware 18.x
InstallAware 17.x
InstallAware 16.x
InstallAware 15.x
InstallAware 14.x (NX)
* Not fully tested, but compatible with older InstallAware versions as well.

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